What is Collective Ownership

What do you own and how it works?

Once you buy a piece of an artwork through our app, you join a collective ownership of this artwork. As simple as that. Collectors who hold Art Tokens have rights and responsibilities in the ownership, use, and maintenance of the artwork proportional to their share.

Use Art Token to represent ownership of the artwork.

This involves decisions on insuring, transporting, organising storage and maintenance, as well as lending artworks for exhibitions and temporary loans. The seller will be responsible for executing all maintenance work.

Final Sale.
Collectors will have the right to sell their share or the entire artwork at any time.

Member Benefits.
Participate in closed-group discussions, both online and offline events, and receive ownership-based products and services.

It's important to understand the difference between sole ownership and collective ownership of artwork. Collective ownership does NOT include: exclusive personal ownership of the artwork, private possession of the artwork, or intellectual and commercial rights to the artwork.

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