How to participate in a sale

Step by step instruction on how to participate in a sale

We’re excited to invite you to our first-ever release featuring “Just A Slice” by Amanda Baldwin. As you know, this is relatively early, so we put this document together to give you a better idea of what’s going on and how to participate.

Step 1. Create your account

Sign up using either wallet connect or Metamask. If you don't already have one you can easily create one in seconds here.

Step 2. Access LISA

Connect your wallet to access your account dashboard to edit your details and see your collection. From here you are also able to view our current artwork sale. Come back to this page at any time by tapping on your wallet address in the top right-hand corner.

If you have not yet been whitelisted you may see your dashboard like this.
In this instance please bare with us as we review all users.

Step 3. Review the artwork information

Explore details about the sale as well as information regarding the artwork and artist.
When ready, tap the purchase button to continue.

Step 4. Make a purchase

Select the number of tokens you wish to purchase from the auction and review the overall price you will pay. Once you are ready, verify the transaction via your wallet.

Your tokens will be reserved until the end of the sale, after which users will be notified there tokens are available to claim. Tokens at this stage are a max estimate based on the current auction progress.

Step 5. Claim your tokens

You can claim your tokens via your collection within your dashboard. All Tokens will be confirmed at the end of the sale but could be slightly lower, any remaining USDC will be refunded to the original wallet.

What's next? Join our Discord

Access our community platform here or on your LISA dashboard. Join a community of collectors, creators and curators in conversation about the art and culture we all own together. Propose and vote on new ideas, support the future of the artwork and create value for our community and the legacy of art.

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